Steve Poole

Developer Advocate

Company: Sonatype

Track: В

Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Talk: Eliminate Java Deserialization Attacks

About the Speaker

Steve is a Developer Advocate, Security Champion, DevOps practitioner (whatever that means) Long time Java developer, leader, and evangelist. I’ve been working on Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than 1. Also had time to work on other things including representing or leading various JSRs, being a committer on open source projects including ones at Apache, Eclipse, and OpenJDK. Also a member of the Adopt OpenJDK group championing community involvement in OpenJDK. A seasoned speaker and regular presenter at international conferences on technical and software engineering topics.

Talk: Eliminate Java Deserialization Attacks

Once, long ago, we looked upon serialization as an important part of Java. As the years passed, we began to recognize the flaws in its design and sighed. Today we realize that the story of serialization has become a dark and twisted tale. In this session, you will see why we still need serialization, how the inbuilt design is fatally flawed, and how it is being exploited and used against us. Learn how to work against the dark arts railed against us and understand how even the alternative forms of Java serialization can still be open to attack. Does this tale have a happy ending? Can goodness prevail and can you make your application safe from Java serialization weaknesses? Only you can decide.